Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bastille Day Celebrations and TDF - Part 94

Nigel arrived safely yesterday on a very early flight. He had to get up at 02h30 to get to Bristol airport in time!! We have decided this very early flight for the future may not be such a good idea. On arrival back at the house, after a few special French pastries which I had bought earlier, he put his head down and slept for nearly 5 hours.

We had a light meal in the evening, sitting outside in the garden in warm late-day sunshine, and then made our way down to Chasseneuil just after 21h00. We were  among the first few people to arrive at the Place de l’Eglise (Church Square), but at 21h30 a Spanish Oompah type band arrived, Los Cassanoialos, and suddenly there were crowds of people everywhere. There was plenty of food and drink around, and by the time the crowd walked down to a local meadow to watch the firework display in the darkness at around 23h00, we estimated there were at least 2,000  people present.

On our return to Church Square after the fireworks, there was a band set up on a stage, Les Christalains, playing Breton and Irish type music, complete with flutes, bagpipes and violins. They were excellent. We decided by 01h00 that fatigue was getting the better of us both and we drove back home with the car registering a temperature of 23 degrees C. (73.4F) ... and the band played on.........!!

The arrival of the band Los Cassanoialos
and then the crowds started to arrive

while we sat with friends celebrating with a beer or a glass of wine

As darkness approached, it was then time to make our way down, along with the band, to the area where the fireworks were to be held
and the children carrying lanterns

and then the fireworks

We then returned to the Church Square where I am sure many people danced to the very early hours of the morning

watched over by the ancient church.

For further news on Bastille Day in Paris see Leesa’s blog HERE

Tour de France update
Sunday 11 July stage 8 - Station des Rousses - Morzine-Avoriaz 189 km

The big climbs in this stage certainly caused a few leadership changes; Cadel Evans (Aus) had a fall at the 6km mark, but after some medical treatment, he was soon back up with the peleton. Armstrong (USA) had a fall just before they got to the steepest part of the penultimate climb. He had four members of his team with him, but had to push quite hard to catch up. The mountain though took its toll, and Armstrong dropped back again and was a minute behind Contador (Esp), Schleck (Lux) and Evans at the top. With 18kms to go, can you believe it Armstrong was brought down yet again!!

The stage win was taken by Andy Schleck, this  also kept him in the white jersey. Second was Samuel Sanchez and third Robert Gesink.

Well done Australia; Cadel Evans, team BMC was at this stage in the yellow jersey. Andy Schleck, team Saxobank was second, and Contador, team Astana was in third. Lance Armstrong was now well and truly out of the reckoning as he had fallen to 39th place, but his ‘Radio Shack’ team mate, Levi Leipheimer (USA) had moved up to eighth position. The team will now do all they can to help him improve his position.

Monday 12 July was a rest Day, and I am sure that many of the riders appreciated the day to sort out the  medical and injury problems that they had acquired with the numerous falls that have occurred on the Tour this year.

Tuesday 13 July stage 9 - Morzine to Saint Jean de Maurienne. Well, the continuing mountain climbs really sorted the positions out again here. The stage winner was French rider Sandy Casar from team FDJ. Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador rode like a pair of demons, especially on the scary long descent down  from Col de la Madeleine, with 32 kms to the finish. I had goose bumps just watching them.

The final stage result put Andy Schleck in both the yellow leader's jersey and the white young rider's jersey.(He only wears yellow - the white jersey gets passed down the young rider list). Contador was second in the overall standings 41 seconds behind. Cadel Evans dropped back to eighteenth position, while Radio Shack rider Levi Leipheimer had moved up to sixth position.


  1. Looks like a fun time. Those are beautiful fireworks. I love the buildings and the church.

  2. What a great celebration! The fireworks are spectacular too!Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  3. I really like the idea of having the fireworks on the eve on the "fete".
    My son and I were in France last year at that time. We watched the parade on the Champs Elysees on TV. Wish I was in France right now.

  4. How good to have Nigel home. Your photos of the evenings events were really wonderful. You've taken to your new camera already. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Lani, it was a great evening and we had a wonderful time. Diane

  6. Hi Becca, the buildings are all very old and quite spectacular. Diane

  7. Nadege having it on the eve at least means you can celebrate all night without having to worry about going to work the next morning! We watched the parade in Paris on TV this morning - sadly they had rain! Diane

  8. Mary it is so nice to have Nigel around again. It was the first time he has been to the celebrations here so he really enjoyed it. Have a good day. Diane

  9. Happy Bastille Day to you both, lovely to hear that your husband has now safely arrived. Enjoy your time together.

  10. I'm so glad Nigel's back! His arrival in time for the celebration must have made it much more festive for your personally. I love your new river picture at the header!

  11. Festival looks like great fun, even if tireing. Nice to have Nigel there to celebrate with. Love you new header.

  12. Thanks Lindy, it is good to have him back again. Roll on the time when it will be permanent. Diane

  13. Marjie, you are right it was a very festive arrival for Nigel. Thanks for the comment on the picture of the Charente river. Diane

  14. Hi Gaelyn, I am quite fond of the picture on my header I have to say, thanks for the comment. Yep, it is good to have Nigel here if only for a couple of weeks. Diane

  15. well it certainly looks and sounds like you guys had a great time the photos prove that :) I really like the firework shots

  16. Looks like you had a pleasant time with friends. I enjoy fireworks and your photos of your fireworks display are lovely. Happy Bastille Day.

  17. Thanks Philip. It was great fun, pity that we were both pretty tired and had to fade at 01h00 :( Never mind we still had a good time. Diane

  18. Hi Joyful, thanks for the visit and the good wishes. It was a great evening. Diane

  19. Definitely a fun day and so nice that you could share it with hubby. Love the pics of the fireworks.

  20. Hi Joan, yes it was good to go somewhere with Nigel, I end up usually on my own at these things. Diane

  21. What a fun celebration. I am so glad you could share it with your husband and friends. Great photos!

  22. Hi Diane!

    WOW!! What fun you all must have had! Looks like a great day, going by your lovely photos...

    Such a nice surprise to see you mention me on your post.. Thanks!!

    I would LOVE to make it up to Paris for the parade one day... I hope to do this when I obtain my French citizenship!!

    Take care,

  23. HiPam, yes it was fun, and so much better being with Nigel than on my own which happens so often in France :( Diane

  24. Sorry Diane, I've had car problems!
    I didn't feed it the right stuff...
    Very angry hubby!!!
    Very relieved he still is in Australia!! LOL!!!!!
    Anyhow, I got it back today, all is well but the bill is heavy and that is less funny!!!
    Great "reportage" again! And lots of fun!
    I love the river at the top of your blog! What a beautiful picture!
    Have a nice evening, Diane!


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