Water birds near La Rochelle -Marais Poitevin

I have put the bird photos taken at the Park on a separate page because there were so many of them.   I have identified where possible, and hope there are no mistakes.  Anyone looking at this post who can help with the unidentified birds I will be happy to update the page; also if there are mistakes elsewhere.

Bar Headed Goose
Barnacle Goose
A shy Black Swan
Black Winged Stilt
Blue Winged Teal
Canada Goose
Cattle Egret
As above
Common Coot
Common Pochard
Common Shelduck
Egyptian Goose
Glossy Ibis
Grey Lag Goose
Ibis (possibly Australian)
White Fronted Goose
Northern Lapwing
Possibly a female Wood Duck
Mute Swan
Bewick's Swan
White Stork
The following four I cannot identify!


  1. What a plethora of fowl! How did you find out their names?

    1. Rosaria there were signs around with some of the names but of course when I came to identify the photos 2 months later it was still not so easy. Lucky for me I have several good bird books! Diane

  2. Beautiful. I love birds, so I really enjoyed all the photos. The swans are my favorite.

  3. I just found this 'tab' - what a collection! I think that the second mystery bird is a "Goldeneye' and the last one shows two Mallard - neither may look much like the pictures in the book because I don't think they are in their breeding plumage. Hope this makes sense.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Yes I am sure you are right Stewart, now you have mentioned it I have photos of them out of breeding plumage as well. The golden eye I should have recognised but the lack of colour threw me! Many thanks Diane


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