Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What a difference the sun makes - Part 31

The plum blossom seems to have opened over night - spot the three little beetles in the flowers helping to pollinate. The bees have been busy as well. Click on picture to see full photo.

Nigel at work in the vegetable garden.

Jerusalem Artichokes (Topinambour).  They are just starting to shoot again but we have dug up quite a lot for immediate eating. I mashed them the other night which I enjoyed, but Nigel thought they had lost their flavour.  Last night they were roasted and were very yummy. They are also delicious fried lightly in butter (not slimming!) with garlic.

I had the easy job of cutting the grass.  It is still a bit long (in places) but hopefully the next cut (if it stays dry!) will sort out the problem.

All washed and cleaned ready to be put back in the barn.

Not sure what this is but I suspect the tail end may have a nasty sting. I wish I could take pictures like 'Joan',  but as Nigel tells me, my cheap camera does a reasonable job for its price.


  1. That is a wonderful picture Diane. Mine is not an expensive camera but it does take a nice picture. It seems like the two of you are very busy getting ready for summer.

    This looks like a Needle-nose Fly and it will not hurt you. They use it to suck the nectar out of flowers. Very cute little ones too.

    That is not my story on the blog Diane. It is one I am putting on for someone else as they do not want their family to see it.

  2. OK, I wondered about the Jean and the story but thought it may have been a non de plume, I am glad it is not you but it is a very sad story for your friend. Maybe I miss read something thinking it was you.

    I am glad of the identification of the fly, thanks, I need to buy some books on insects and flowers. I have plenty on birds (worldwide) and wild animals in Africa but the latter is not much help here.LOL.

    Your close up photos are soooooooo good I just struggle and that photo was one of about 20 rubbish ones I took!!


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