Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Sun Shines yet again! Part 32

I tried to update this last night, but the internet had gone AWOL; never mind it is now working again for the time being!

Nigel did quite a bit more digging for me in the vegetable garden, and then after lunch he took to two wheels and went for his first, brief, cycle ride since last September.  The UK winter was not bicycle friendly!
On his return he carried on with the digging for me, so this year I am being very spoilt and my back is enjoying the rest!

Meanwhile I took to the kitchen and cooked a large Cassoulet, which will keep me out of the kitchen for a few days.  Plenty to keep us going for a while!!

For my recipe click here.  It really is yummy.

As for today, the rain is back once more and we woke up to a very wet garden.  I popped out during a dry spell to get these pictures, before the rain knocks all the blossom off the trees.

I think this is a flowering cherry; I have never seen fruit on it. It hangs over the fence from our neighbour's garden and is very pretty.

This is our own cherry tree which (as long as we do not get hail storms like last year) is a great producer.  Spot the little insect on the one flower. The bees are having a day off today with the return of the colder, wetter weather.

What am I?


  1. I love the blossoms Diane. Things are always so beautiful in the spring before the heat of full summer.

  2. Hi Joan, I agree, it is a pity the flowers do not last longer but we then of course have the fruit to look forward to. What I do miss though are the jacarandas...

  3. I have just had an email from Margaret in the UK who is ready to try the cassoulet recipe. I hope she enjoys it as much as we did.


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