Monday 5 April 2010

Dining Room Chairs - Part 30

The weather eased off for a while yesterday morning and we had a pleasant drive to La Creche, 135 kms away to look at some chairs that we had seen advertised in the local advertising page . This is an amazing way of looking for local second hand goods and it is free. It seems to be very popular and from my brief experience of it, I highly recommend the site.

The trip was certainly worthwhile and we returned with 6 oak chairs that match our dining room table very nicely. They were in excellent condition and we were more than happy with our day's work. As a matter of interest, we had just arrived home and it started raining again!!

They fit perfectly 3 per side as you can see, maybe one day we will be able to get a couple of carvers for the ends.  That is of course if we see the right ones and they are not too expensive.

The sun is shining today - long may it last - the grass is going to take a couple of days to dry out so we can get out the mower and tidy it up, in places it is very long!  Lots of work needed in the garden once it dries enough to some work.


  1. Good find - they look great.

  2. How lucky for you to get them Diane. They do fit perfectly with the table. I do love good wood like oak. Much better than these modern glass and steel stuff you find so much of.

  3. Hi Pam, Joan, Yes it was a really good find, we bought the oak table a couple of years ago but we never found any chairs which we liked in oak to match. These were in such good condition. Now to find the carvers! Diane

  4. Joan you are so right, we are both very happy with them. Diane


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