Monday, 24 May 2010

Chocolate Dessert Cream - Part 65

Sunday I cycled 22 kms so I feel like I have followed up on my exercise programme!!

Nigel arrives on Tuesday, so I decided that I had better be a bit more energetic in the kitchen.  The following recipe I was given by David and Florence, in French, but here it is translated and the end result was excellent.  Very easy.

Chocolate Dessert Cream

Preparation = 20 mins
Cooking time = 20 mins
6 servings

¾ litre of milk
50 g sugar
200 g cooking milk chocolate
3 table spoons of cornflower
2 egg yolks (remaining egg whites see below)

Dissolve the chocolate in a bain marie with little hot milk.
Add the sugar. Stir well until dissolved.
Mix in a bowl the egg yolks and the cornflower.(You may need a little milk as well)
Add the milk/chocolate mixture and heat.
Mix the remainder of the milk in slowly.
Keep stirring on low heat until the 1st bubble and mixture has thickened.
Pour into 6 bowls or ramequins.

N.B. I found the Bain Marie far too slow!  I am not a patient person!  It was much easier and far quicker to use the heat diffuser.  The end result was a thick chocolate cream and it was delicious.

As I had two egg whites I just doubled up this recipe.


1 egg white
1 cup caster sugar
2 tablespoons boiling water
1 teasp vanilla essence
1 tablesp white vinegar
1 teasp baking powder

Beat egg white until stiff.  Add sugar and beat well.  Add water, vinegar and vanilla to meringue mixture and beat until it holds peaks.  Add baking powder and beat lightly till well mixed in.  Cover baking tray with wax paper, place spoonfuls of the meringue mixture well apart on the paper. Bake at 120C (250F) for 1 hour, turn down to 80C for further hour then turn off and leave until oven is cool for a further hour.

The Chocolate Dessert Cream and the Meringues go very well together.



  1. This looks as though it would taste like an even more delicious version of the home-made chocolate blancmange my mother made for us when I was a little girl. (I suppose the word blancmange is French anyway!)
    I must give this recipe a try. The easy recipes are often the best!

  2. Hi Jean, from Old French blanc manger, literally: white food.
    Yes I agree this sounds better than the old version we used to have.
    It is really yummy. I tried it with nut chocolate but it was disappointing, best to use plain. Diane

  3. Thanks for making me hungry now I'm just going to have to settle for a "Boervors" roll I have send my wife a link to the post already Yummy :)

  4. I envy you your b'wors roll Philip. I make my own from time to time which although I say it myself they are delicious. Problem is I have to get the best herb and spice mixture from S.A. Enjoy Diane.

  5. Both recipes look absolutely delcious ! Your meringues look super - I wish mine would turn out looking like that when I make them !

  6. You made me hungry too!! :) I think I will be going to visit Philip when his wife make it for the. LOL!!

  7. Hi Lynda this is such an easy meringue recipe, I have never had a flop which is why I use it. Good Luck. Diane

  8. Hi Joan, At least you are in the right country to track Philip's wife down. HeHe Diane

  9. I love chocolate, but hate to cook. Can you send some of this delicious looking treat my way? ;-)

    I'm sure Nigel will love this special touch.

  10. Both of them look delicious and what a great job with the meringues! Yum! Bet you can hardly wait for Nigel's arrival! Love these easy recipes!

  11. Hi Gaelyn, Only a pleasure, but better you come and visit France and you can try it out here. Diane

  12. Thanks Pam, yes they are both very easy recipes, I like life to be that way as much as possible!! Diane

  13. Great job on your bike ride! The chocolate cream and meringues look very tasty.

  14. Thanks Pam, I have to keep motivated but not always easy! The chocolate cream has suddenly become one of my favourites!! Diane

  15. With all that cycling, you deserve the chocolate cream. I love meringues, and often make them, although I bake for a shorter time at a higher temperature. Yours are puffy and beautiful!

  16. Hi Marjie, This is a lovely recipe that I have used for years and 1 egg white makes so many meringues. Maybe I should make a nest and fill it with the chocolate! Diane

  17. What a lovely dessert. it's so nice that you were are to use the egg whites for meringues. I'll bet you are looking forward to Nigel's return. Are you planning a special meal? I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  18. I was not feeling hungry but after seeing these chocolate flavors I am feeling too much hungry right at the moment.

  19. Hi Mary, Off to the airport soon and yes I have cooked a sort of special meal. Looking forward to the visit, but he will be tired today after a very early start. Have a good day. Diane

  20. Roof Leaks, Sorry that this made you hungry but it is very easy to cook! Thanks for the visit. Diane

  21. Looks yummy - I will definately give those a go, thanks Jan xx

  22. Hi Jan, they really are excellent. Diane

  23. One thing nice about blogging is leaning. I do not pretend to be much of a cook and I have no idea what a Bain Maire or a heat diffuser are. I will be looking this up.
    But what I do know, and with some authority, is that if it is chocolate it must be good.
    Is the texture of the cremes similar to pudding or mousse?

  24. MYA it is not as frothy as mousse and it certainly is not like pudding. It is really like a very thick cream that is not set solid. Hope this helps. Do not overcook as soon as it thickens then it is time to pour into the ramequins. Nigel had it for the first time last night and said it was very yummy. Diane


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