Saturday, 24 July 2010

Around the Garden and TDF - Part 99

I thought it was time to catch up with a few pictures from around the garden -

Note the insect on the cornflower.

The five pictures above are all flowers grown from a 26 centime packet of mixed seeds - good value, eh!!.


This bee like insect had a proboscis similar to the humming bird hawk moth and hovered in similar fashion on the lavender.

Marigolds by the front door.

and yesterday's harvest from the vegetable garden.

Stage 17 - Pau  - Col du Tourmalet 174 km  - 22 July 2010

What an amazing climb up the Col du Tourmalet, Andy Schleck tried every trick in the book to extend his lead on Contador, but the latter simply sat on Schleck’s wheel.  He tried once to jump past Schleck, but the latter was having none of it.  Andy Schleck is clearly the best young rider in the Tour and is likely to keep the white jersey (for the third year running). He has won his second stage this year and is only eight seconds behind the overall leader, but the yellow jersey will stay on the shoulders of his main rival, Alberto Contador.

The stage positions were as follows:
1. Andy Schleck (Sax) Luxembourg
2. Alberto Contador (AST) Spain
3. Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver (KAT) Spain

Overall positions:

1. Alberto Contador (AST) Spain
2. Andy Schleck (Sax) Luxembourg (00' 08')
3. Samuel Sanchez (EUS) Spain (03'32')

Stage 18 - Salies-de-Béarn - Bordeaux 198 km Friday 23 July

This was a fairly flat day and ideal for the sprinters. Cavendish hit the turbo button at just the right moment, and was an easy winner over the line. He has taken his fourth victory this year and his 14th from four starts in the Tour.

The top 3 stage positions follow:-
1. Mark Cavendish (THR) England

2. Julian Dean (GMR) New Zealand

3. Allesandro Petacchi (LAM) Italian

The overall position remains the same. Tomorrow's 52km time trial (the penultimate stage) will really decide the  Tour winner, before the riders head to Paris for the final stage and sprint on the Champs Elysees on Sunday.


  1. Beautiful bounty from your garden!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous but the tour de france is getting ugly... all those accusations about doping and blood transfusion... heavens.

    I can't believe what you got out of that little package. I didn't recognize that mauve/lavender flower that was above the bee picture, what is it??

  3. Joyfull, the garden is really doing us proud at the moment. Thankfully the many pumpkins will keep until winter. Meanwhile I pickle and jam the courgettes:) Diane

  4. longpastremembered, afraid your guess is as good as mine! It was a mixed packet and there must have been about 20 diferent varieties. I know my S.African flowers far better than I do the European ones.

    I would love Andy Schleck to win the TDF, but Contador is a very strong rider in the time trials:( Looks like Radio Shack, (Armstrong's team) will win the team event so all was not in vain. Diane

  5. Your garden is still looking colourful and producing well. I cannot believe it is already nearly the end of July and time for me to do my monthly garden post again!

  6. As always, your garden is delightful. Enjoy the veggies.

  7. Lindy the time is flying, Nigel returns on Tuesday and then he will only come back to help me clear up for winter in October:(
    Wish he had more leave! Diane

  8. Gaelyn, we sure are enjoying them but as usual there is too much:) Diane

  9. Your garden appears to be in full flower. Your photos are just wonderful. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  10. Mary
    Thanks for your comment. Have a good day

  11. Your garden must be spectacular Diane. I cannot wit for things to start blooming here.

  12. Hi Joan, I forget that of course you are in mid-winter while we still have the bees and butterflies working out in the garden. Diane

  13. Great flower pics, Diane!
    you camera deals better than mine with the lack of light!! Very obvious with the Mauve flower!
    Well done with the Bombyl! Not that easy to "catch" in flight! It was my favourite challenge in spring!!
    Have a great Sunday!

  14. Carine, light is not really a problem, it is close ups generally and trying to keep the camera still. I get the shakes as soon as I try to hold still! Glad you have given me a name for the Bomby, it did not know what it was! Diane

  15. Lovely squash Diane, and so early (wiltshire envy)

  16. The Cottage Garden Farmer - plenty more where they come from and the pumpkins get bigger and bigger! Diane

  17. I have been trying for years to get a in flight shot of one of those bees to no avail and here we go you have one :)

  18. Philip, I am sorry about that, Carine also said she was trying to get a photo:) Not sure how I managed it with a simple little cheap digital camara, luck was obviously on my side!! I did not even know what I was taking a photo of!! Diane

  19. beautiful flowers and great shots too!


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