Friday, 7 May 2010

Round and About 1 - Part 57

I thought I would do a series of ‘Round and About’, so that when there is not a lot going on at the house, I could keep you up to date with what is going on around us.

I have done a few of these already, but have given them several different names; from now they will all be ‘Round and About’ .

The weather has been pretty crummy over the past week; cold and damp, to the degree that I lit the fire and turned the radiators back on! I am still  waiting for the delivery of the wire netting (all the way from Paris) for my vegetable garden, which is now promised for next Tuesday or Wednesday – hmmmm maybe! Due to the cold and lack of netting, there has been little gardening going on and even the painting of the ceiling trap door came to a halt. It was too cold to work with the door in the open position and it is difficult for me to paint when it is closed! Meanwhile the rabbits are still digging the vegetable garden for me!!

I discovered this quite small statue in one of the back streets of Montemboeuf
Montemboeuf literally means the mountain of the ox but I have to say this little chap looks more like an ox crossed with a hedgehog!
This is the sign outside the Montemboeuf Butchery and Charcuterie; the latter word means a delicatessen and a supplier of cooked pork products.
Sombody got carried away with the paintbrush in the back streets, but at least it's not the usual coarse big-city graffiti!

I have taken some other photos of interesting doors which I put on an earlier blog. I thought this was worth adding to the list, although there was no date on this one.

History collapsing!


  1. I enjoyed the local sites. I hope your weather soon improves and that netting arrives so you can continue your work in the garden. Stay warm. Blessings...Mary

  2. Thanks Mary, it looks like we are getting to get some storms next, case of wait and see. Diane

  3. Great photos you have and the ox is adorable! Our weather is chilly and rainy now so no gardening here either. We do not dare plant flowers before the very end of May with frost lurking.

    I love French and Italian doors. They have so much character and old world charm like the ones you have posted. I just wish I had taken many more photos of them when we were over there!

    Hope you get your netting soon and have a good day!

  4. Thanks Pam, I also hope the netting arrives this week. I need to get my seedlings in (protected until the end of May) or I will be back in the UK for winter before they produce!

    Many doors have so much character here, better take one of our own! Diane

  5. I love your round and about photos! That statue looks like a hedgehog to me, too, although the head is rather bull-like, as you said!

  6. Hi Marjie, I enjoy the round and about as it makes me look for things I would never normally notice. The statue was just luck though as it is well hidden in corner of the village. Diane

  7. Well that sure is an interesting critter Diane. :) Must be something from before my time. :)

  8. Hi Joan. Before my time too but it is kinda cute. Diane

  9. Heh! ... thanks Diane, I love these type of posts where bloggers provide insights into their worlds ...

    ... that hedgehog looks a bit strange but it is cute hey?

  10. OneStonedCrow, glad you like the round and about blogs. I would quite fancy an ox/hedgehog as a pet! LOL Diane


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