Saturday, 24 April 2010

The village of Montemboeuf - Part 49

Rather than put you all through the agony of yesterday's tooth drama, I thought some pictures were a better idea. I return for yet more work on my tooth on the 27th and then the possibility of a crown is more than likely. Watch this space!

I was early for my appointment and walking around the little village, I thought some of these features were worth a photo. Click on the pictures for larger viewing.

The church with the war memorial in front.
The church from the  front showing the clock tower.
An interesting cafe with unusual decor.
I just thought this was an interesting door way!

This doorway was dated 1835.
and this barn doorway was  dated 1828.

No visible date on this well, but my guess is that it has been around for sometime.


  1. What a quaint little village ! Hope that your tooth is not too sore ... love the look of the quiche you made in the earlier post.

  2. Thanks Lynda. The tooth is feeling much better now. Friday night was a night I want to forget..... I think nerve block and crown is the only answer but I need to save up a bit first!! The quiche just vanished beneath my eyes so it must have tasted OK. Diane

  3. Great photos and very interesting! Here's wishing you the best with your tooth!

  4. These are wonderful pictures; I love the doorway with the classical surround! Hope your tooth repair is progressing well.

  5. I love doorways and gates. Maybe it's the curiosity of what might be happening on the other side.

    Great pictures.

  6. Hi Jean, Some of these here I get a sneak through from time to time and ususlly there is something most unexpected. Either a huge beautiful garden, a large fancy house or occasionally what looks like a rubbish dump. Take nothing for granted!! Diane

  7. Hi there,

    My husband I have just bought some land in Montemboeuf and while we were researching it, we came across your photos! I am pleased to say that the village is still just as lovely!



    1. Hi Jes,

      Yes it has not changed much. We go there quite often so we know much of what goes on there.

      Presumably you plan on building. Good luck. Diane

    2. Thanks Diane! Yep, we are planning to build. We hope to have planning permission by the end of the year - yikes!

  8. Yes, we are planning to build there, planning permission hopefully by the end of the year to start building in Spring next year!


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