Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sun Shining again - Part 35

Market Day and a chance to have Oysters for lunch again!!!

Yum Yum


  1. I found your blog by chance and am so glad I did. I really like this and your related sites. It's wonderful to learn of other lives in other places. I'll be back often. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Well I am not sure how to comment on this one Diane as I do not eat things like this. LOL!! As long as you enjoyed them!! :)

  3. Mary - glad you have found my site as I now have seen yours and I will be following it closely. Some great recipes. You also have a good day.

  4. Joan your comment went missing for about 30 mins and then suddenly popped up - the miracle of the internet! I agree if you do not like oysters then there is little to say. LOL Yes we did enjoy them, I just love market days here as they are so cheap.

  5. Oysters...
    I'm crazy for oysters.
    Every year I take a small holiday in France,and I like so much to find the right restaurant to eat oysters.

    Have a Nice Sunday.

  6. Thanks Andrea, hope you have a good day as well. My husband and I are well and truly hooked on oysters. Market days are very specfial to us. I am getting to be a dab hand at opening oysters since we bought our home in France. I am surprised though you come to France for oysters surely Italy has plenty? Ours though are sooooo cheap in the market.


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