Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Short on News - Part 45

Not a lot to report from yesterday! I woke up feeling just great – no hangover from Sunday! On  Monday morning I busily muddled around while the sky was blue and the sun shone down. At 13h00, the clouds suddenly appeared and there were a few loud thunderous bangs. I quickly unplugged everything electrical, (lightning strikes are a common problem here) and shot out to mow the lawn while it was still warm and dry. Job successfully completed.

Lawn cut and the oak tree (on the right) is at last producing little green leaves.

David came around with his chainsaw in the evening; his aim was to cut up for me a couple of branches that I had laboriously sawn from the tree by hand. The chain saw would not start, so it was an excuse for a Pineau instead! The clouds had by now thinned out, no rain was forthcoming and we watched the very red sun disappear behind the trees.
I awoke this morning to a thick fog and a very much cooler day.  I received a phone call from a friend in Australia and while chatting, I saw two very large rabbits appear outside the window in my herb garden!!  Stupidly, I leapt up and chased them off not thinking of the camera – I could have had a perfect picture.  It now means that I will have to fence that area as well I guess.

The apple trees are now out in blossom, they are only small trees at present but I think that they are well out of reach of the rabbits!

The tooth saga continues!  After what I presumed where two temporary fillings (my French is not good enough to find out what is going on!), I was given a further date to return on the 27th April.  Last night I broke half of the tooth off eating an apple!!  I now have to go back on Friday.  I did say I would have to go easy on the diet after Sunday; it looks like I will be on soup for the next week now.  Good for the figure if nothing else.


  1. I had a tooth go bad 2 years ago, and it was a month of agony to get it fixed. And I know my dentist well, and we even speak the same language! So it can happen under the best of circumstances, but I'm sorry it happened to you.

    Our apple trees are breaking into bloom this week. Many of them are 80 years old, and just splendid. I tried to plant a few new ones about 5 years ago, and the rabbits didn't get them; the deer did!

  2. Hi Marjie, My friend down the road who is not hedged as I am, have had their trees killed by deer. The new ones are now all fenced!

    I hope that on Friday I get somewhere with the tooth the language barrier is a problem. It is too technical for very basic French!! Diane

  3. Toothache has to be the worst feeling one can have!! Poor you Diane. I had to smile at the rabbit being in the garden again. :) They are so cute but when you have a veggie garden, they are a no no!! :)

  4. Hi Joan, yes I am fed up with this tooth now, this has been almost 3 weeks of hassle. Yea, the rabbits really are cute, but if only they would eat next doors veg garden I would be much happier! LOL Diane


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