Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Year with Friends in France 2009/2010. Part 28

Pictures taken at Le Touquet between Christmas and New Year.  It was too far to drive to the Charente for a few days so we enjoyed the time with friends up North.

On the farm New Year's Day

Driving back to Calais

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  1. Christmas is such a magical time of year with all the lights around but oh so cold!! I have never experienced a white Christmas and have always wanted to. The problem is, I do not like the cold so when I have traveled to other places, it has always been in spring, my favourite time of year.

    I am sorry I have not had time before to visit your blog again Diane, but I am still busy at work getting the end of financial year end done and it is a very busy time for me. By the end of March things calm down again until next year. :)

  2. Thanks for your comments Joan. Sorry I have not replied earlier but with the move from the UK to France for summer there was a delay in getting the internet back working! Yes, the snow and lights are beautiful but I am afraid I also hate the cold, the Zimbabwean weather was far more to my liking!


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