Monday, 18 October 2010

In the UK

For those of you who wished us well and a good trip back to the UK, we are here and we managed to miss the French strikes!

Our problem now is that my laptop is in French mode and refuses to have anything to do with England and will not connect to our WIFI here.  Nigel's computer is on a serious go slow and also needs sorting out, therefore communication is not too easy at the moment.

I will be back as soon as I can get these mechanical devices to do what I want them to do!!!!!

Hopefully that will be fairly soon and before I pull all my hair out :-)


  1. Maybe your laptop is on strike in sympathy?

  2. So glad you made it home safe and sound and that you managed to miss the strike action. I feel your pain concerning the technological malfunctions. Hope you can sort it out soon too. Pulling hair out, hurts!

  3. Welcome back to the UK .. poor you and now with computer problems .. I am pleased you managed to avoid all the strikes ... were you secretly wishing you would be delayed? Hope we can meet up for coffee soon.

  4. Dr lostpast has been in computer purgatory too.. my heart goes out to you!

  5. Hopefully it won't take long and you'll be posting in a flash. Beautiful old barns in the previous post. Have a good day.

  6. It never occurred to me that a laptop would go on strike for being ordered out of France! Good luck getting it all sorted out.

  7. I'm glad you had a safe trip! Hopefully your computer will cooperate. :)

  8. Oh boy computers, nothing is ever straight forward is it.

  9. Well, Diane, I wish you sort your problems out!
    At least you've manage to escape the mess here!!
    Keep well and warm... from what the weather news tell us, it looks like your are going to be under a blanket of snow...!!

  10. I have just came back from the UK! :-) Hope your computers behave properly very soon.

  11. This bloody fuel situation.

    Truth is there is fuel in this neck of the woods but slowly and surely people are filling up just in case!

    We've been very careful not to drive too many miles and be economical, maybe a good thing but I hope things get beack to normal soon.

  12. Jan, I suspect that you are right!

    Joyful, I am also glad we missed the strike problems. It would not have bugged me on my own as most of my food comes from the garden and I can cycle down for bread etc.

    Anne, I will be in touch soon, looking forward to a drink with you.

    Longpastremembered, it was a mini nightmare, well maybe not so mini!

    Becca, I am back, well sort of!

    Marjie, the laptop was in sympathay with all the other strikers 'me thinks'!!

    Faith, the trip is on the site now so you can taake a look where we went to.

    Lindy, if things were straight forward life would be too easy!!

    Noushka we had a very heavy frost this morning. Yes we are threatened with a bad winter!!

    Thanks JM, almost back to square one!

    Rob we were lucky that Nigel managed to fly in to Limoges and also lucky the ferry was working. If I was still there I would be using two wheels!!



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