Friday, 4 June 2010

Catching up and some past sunsets - Part 71

Our timber entrance gates, installed only 4 years ago, are falling apart. Poor quality unseasoned hardwood from the far East and cheap hinges! We found a carpenter through recommendation from the Mairie (mayor's office or "town hall") and today I took a quick trip into Chasseneuil to see if I could find his premises. His directions were spot on and I found him in his workshop; having worked for a time in the USA. he speaks quite good English.  He hopes to start making the gates at the end of this month, and he will then install them  in mid-July.   This could be pretty good timing as Nigel returns on the 13th. 

From there I went to the supermarket to buy a few necessary items and then back home to cut the grass and trim the edges.  I needed to get it all done while the sun was out, but it looks like the weather may last for a few days before the rain returns next week.

MaryLouMac's magnificent sunset on water pictures today from News from Italy gave me the idea to show some of our sunsets here at home.

You will notice the trees are in mainly the same position in each shot, as it seems to be the best place from which to take the photos.  The large tree on the left is a large pine, the tall thin tree in the centre is a Ginkgo biloba and the large tree on the right is a very sturdy oak.

 Listen To The Sunset

Listen to the sunset,
Hear its silent sigh
As it falls down the horizon
Warning, the moon is nigh

Listen to the sunset
Hear its silent threat
That darkness will be upon us
It makes everyone upset

Listen to the sunset
The vanity of its words
How beautiful this sunset is
With its colour, and birds

Listen to the sunset
See its pretty hue
But I can't enjoy the sunset
If I am not with you

All the pretty colours are meaningless
So are the birds, and the sounds
Because it all means nothing to me
If you are not around

Just remember this though,
Promise you won''t forget,
Even if you're far away,
We'll be watching the same sunset

So listen to the sunset
Enjoy its beauty true
When you see it, think of me
And I will think of you

Lilli Singh


  1. Wow, a new gate before Nigel returns and such beautiful sunsets for both of you. Those shots are amazing, I love them all.

  2. Thanks Gaelyn, I also love our sunsets but I am not very good at catching them at the right time normally!! Diane

  3. Your sunset photos are amazing...I seldom see sunsets that beautiful here.

  4. Beautiful sunset shots! I love all the cloud formations, it sure makes for an interesting sky photo!

  5. These are stunning Diane!! WOW!! Love them all. Yesterday we had the most glorious sunset too and I could not find a place to pull over to get a shot of it.Sounds like you had a busy day.

  6. Hi Bo, that is sad you don't get good sunsets, they are such an important part of the day. Diane

  7. Hi Lyndsey, the cloud formations are good without them the sunsets would be uninteresting! Diane

  8. Hi Joan, there is nothing more annoying than seeing something you want to take a picture of and not being able to take it. Coming home from the airport I took a different road in one place for a change and there was some beautiful spots. The road was too narrow and twisty to stop, if a car had just appeared I could have been flattened:( Diane

  9. What dramatic sky shots these are Diane. You already know how much I love sunsets, thanks so much for linking to my recent sunset photos. I enjoyed the poem as well, thanks for including it.

  10. LindyLouMac, I thought your sunset pictures on the water were fantastic. The poem I thought was perfect for everyone who reads this being in different countries, of course Nigel being the main objective:) Diane

  11. WOW!!! What gorgeous sunset pictures... I miss the sunset over the ocean, but one thing that is nice is being able to see the sunset from our living room window and the sunrise on the other side of the apt. in the a.m.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures, Diane!!

    Take care and have a great night!

  12. Thanks Leesa, Hope you have a great evening/night also. Diane

  13. Hi, Have just enjoyed reading through some of your posts, lovely to see the pics of Chassenueil - we visited often when we were looking for a house to buy. Eventually we bought a house near Aigre, but we sold it after a couple of years as it turned out to be too much for us to do in the time we had. Love the Charente though, we are going back next week for a holiday and a reminisce! Lovely blog, thanks

  14. Hope the weather is good for you Cottage Garden Farmer, it has been very topsy turvy:) Diane

  15. I did so enjoy your post today. The sunsets are truly lovely and I enjoyed the verse as well. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  16. Such amazing sunsets I really like the 3rd one well done :)

  17. Thanks Mary, I also thought the verse was well suited. Have a good week. Diane

  18. Hi Philip, yes the light in the third one is quite dramatic.Diane

  19. Thanks JM. I have to say I really appreciate the sunsets here at our home in France. Diane


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