Monday, 19 April 2010

Repas annuel des anciens!! – Part 44

Yesterday, Sunday, was the annual luncheon for local residents, held at the local Salle des Fetes (community centre). I had my first “taste” of this luncheon last year, so this year brought no surprises. I took a French friend with me this year; she does not drive, so it was good to have company. We sat down at 12h30, and only arrived home at 18h00!! 

I am on the left, glass in hand!
The menu was as follows:-

A glass of punch, (not as strong as last years!)

(Various bits and pieces on sliced French bread)
Potage de Légumes - carafes of red wine arrived at this stage
(Vegetable soup)
Salade surprise de la mer aux agrumes
(This was mussels in pastry served with a grapefruit slice)
Coup du milieu
(A pink sorbet served with cognac)
Rosbif et son jus de cuisson, champignons farcis et asperges vertes
(Roast beef and gravy, with stuffed mushrooms and green asparagus)
Served with red and rosé wine.
Salade fromagère
(Cheese and salad)
Chaud froid de pomme flambé au cognac
(Hot baked apple served with ice cream and cognac)

Café and then the Champagne arrived!!!

The results of the champagne! The little lady out in front is about 90 and I gather she has an amazing singing voice.
No eating for few days now as I go into recovery mode.

It was another great and enjoyable occasion and I met many other local residents for the first time, French, Irish and British. We decided that we must all keep in touch and somehow it was arranged that I would host 8 people to aperitifs this Thursday!! I am sure it will all be great fun. My French is probably far behind everyone else’s, but it is amazing how I manage to get by; I more than surprise myself at times!

Next year we must link Nigel's holiday dates with this excellent event, so we can go together. It will all depend on how close the date of the lunch is to the Easter weekend; the Easter bank holiday is a good base around which to arrange his annual leave.


  1. Sounds like a lovely time with the ladies. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Becca, yes it was a great day, now I am looking forward to next year! I think there are probably more women then men, but there is a good supply of elderly men as well!! Diane

  3. The luncheon sounds wonderful. It's always nice to meet new friends. I'm sure you'll have as much fun on Thursday evening. I hope all is well and that you are having a good day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Thanks Mary, yes I am sure that that Thursday will good and fun as well. wish you could join us. Bonne journée

  5. That sounds great and good for you for attending a fun thing! It looks like everyone was very happy after the luncheon! And good job with the French! I'm sure you made some new friends!

  6. Hi Pam, Yes I certainly made more friends there, really fun people. I am looking forward to meeting them all again on Thursday. Diane

  7. It looks and sounds like a wonderful luncheon and a good time.

  8. Hi Pam from Portland, it was a great afternoon and even better as it was free for the residents!! Diane

  9. Did you not bring home a doggybag for me? Shame on you!! LOL!! Sounds like a good lunch Diane.

  10. Hi Joan, I am ashamed of myself, I could have easily brought back supper for you plus a bottle of wine! Next time. LOL.

  11. Hi! Fun to find this blog... I am also a South African expat now living in the UK - and my family also has a place in the Charente! I'm sure there aren't many with our background with links to Poitou. Have just returned from a lovely holiday there - we are near Coulonges sur-l'Autize. Great weather, shame about the wind!

  12. Hi Kirsty, Welcome to my blog, I am so glad you have found me. Yes the wind was cold and not very pleasant. The day after my husband returned it warmed up!! Cool and foggy today. Diane

  13. Ah, yes champagne ... dangerous stuff ... did you get to hear the little lady sing? ... :)

  14. OneStonedCrow, good to have you back. Sadly no, I am sure with the champagne it would have been good!!Diane

  15. Amazing! (I have a little visitor counter that shows approx locations of people who log in) We are just on the other side of Niort to you! Small world.

  16. Yes Kirsty as I have discovered many times in my life it is a VERY small world. Diane


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