Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Goodbye for the time being - Part 38

Off to Limoges airport – after his 2 week holiday, Nigel has to return to the UK to make a living.  As the economic situation is in Britain at the moment, we are lucky he still has a job.  Roll on retirement!  I will now only see him again when he returns for a short visit at the end of May.

Rather than a depressing picture of the airport and me sadly waving goodbye, here is a picture of a nearby and very picturesque Mairie, with its war memorial in front. 

I thought the pretty tulips in pots growing around the building were very pretty.  As anyone living in France will be aware, the Maire (Mayor) is a very important person in each local community.

Rochechouart Chateau seen on my way home.

Also en route, these balancing rocks which brings back memories of Zimbabwe.


  1. It must be hard saying goodbye to your husband.

    The photos are fantastic. The Chateau is amazing!

  2. Yes Pam, it seems to get harder every year. When we bought here in France, in 2005, we thought by now we would both be here on a permanent basis. The present finacial situation and exchange rates has really put a spanner in the works. It looks like it will now be another 2 1/2 years before Nigel can retire unless that lottery win pops up! We live in hopes!!

  3. Oh poor you!! Unfortunately in these economic times one has to do the best you can but it is hard sometimes.

    Love those houses Diane.

  4. Yep Joan you are right, we just have to make the best of everything. Sometimes it is very difficult though.Diane

  5. So sad when you have to say goodbye for a period of time. You know I keep telling myself that at least I have a job even if my hours have been cut. So like you said at least he has a job.

    Does a family live in that Chateau? Beautiful. I love to see where you live through your own eyes with the camera. Have a good day.

  6. Hi Becca, I have put a link below the picture to Wikipedia re the chateau. It is now owned by the state and is a museum. La Rochefoucauld Chateau which is amongst the pictures on the right of my blog is still owned and lived in by the Rochefoucauld family. They are restoring it and allow vistors to the main chateau to help pay towards the work. It is quite beautiful inside.

    The goodbyes get more difficult each time!! Diane

  7. It's hard to say goodbye, but the two of you seem to have found the means to deal with it. Keep busy - from what you've indicated that will be no problem :-) Retirement will come and you have a lovely home in which to hang your hats. I hope your day is terrific. Blessings...Mary

  8. Yes Mary you are right, being busy helps but it is much harder on Nigel than on me. With a full week of work he still has to cook, wash, iron, clean etc. I have my garden and house to keep me busy but I am very much quicker when it comes to cooking and housework! I can also find time to relax which Nigel seems to have little time to do. As you say our day will come. I always thought marrying a younger man was great but now we want to retire together it has its problems!!!!


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