Friday, 5 March 2010

Christmas 2007 Part 19

With the families blessings we managed to make an escape to the Charente for our one and only Christmas spent there. We wanted to experience what it was like in mid-winter and if we needed to make any changes to the heating. We flew to Limoges and then rented a car for the few days we were there. The one thing we did decide was that the fire, although it burnt well, did not throw out a lot of heat so a wood burner was put onto the shopping list for later in the 2008.

The main change though that we noted in France over Christmas was that turkey was not on the list but boxes and boxes of oysters were in every shop and market stall. We finally settled with oysters and duck breast.

The house and reindeer quilt was sent to us by Nigel's sister Hilary, it made a welcome addition to the decorations in the house. The other picture is our front door - we found that people in France decorated outside far more that we do in the U.K. or South Africa for that matter so that others could enjoy.  In the towns and villages each lamp post and road sign had a small decorated tree attached to it.
Nigel sweeping up the many leaves ready for compost.

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